Creative, Noémie Cédille works at the same time on visual identity project,

on artistic direction, illustration and volumes. Attracted by the game of forms,

colors and of textures, she realizes naive and poetic graphic compositions.

 Sometimes abstracted, often on the border between real and imaginary.




Very influenced by the image of the psychedelic movement and the Art nouveau,

Cécile Fleuriet realizes abstract compositions which refer to the alive pattern.

She is inspired by rhythms of the vegetable, which, repeated in a symmetry and returned,

create a graphisim where get involved geometry and deployment of nervures.


       FLORE KUNST - T.V.O.D.

   Flore Kunst cultivates a real passion for the images since the adolescence, hunting

for antiques magazines, postcards and retro papers. Her finds become then

the main medium of her work of collagiste. She selects, cut and stages so that

improper meeting between various images tell new stories.


      SARAH VIEILLE - RUES DE PARIS            

Fascinated by the art of the cut paper, Sarah Vieille discovered the infinite possibilities

of this practice. In the constraint of the height and the space, the transparency

and the shade, her style asserted itself through themes which are dear to her:

the everyday life, Paris, its bars, his buildings and his apartments.



Specialized in the illustration and the textile design, Vanessa Grunbaum is interested

in the esthetic meeting between the childish form and the erotic cotent. By

confronting these two universes she reinvents an atmosphere and a visual

language close the reverie.